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    Chrome was discovered in Siberia’s Ural Mountains in 1762 by J. G. Legmann

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    In automotive industry chrome is used to improve metals wear resistance, corrosion protection, lubricity and aesthetic qualities

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    Chrome is widely used in stainless steel
    and leather tanning industry

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    Most of our home appliances
    have touch of chrome

Midural chemicals delivers
specialized chemical products

MidUral Chemicals SA is a trading company associated with MIDURAL GROUP. It is a young and dynamic company that supplies specialized chemical and metallurgical products to the market, provides exceptional and valuable services to the customers and to the producers.

  • Metallurgy

    The relative high hardness and corrosion resistance of unalloyed chromium makes it a good surface coating, being still the most "popular" metal coating with unparalleled combined durability.

  • Refractory materials

    The high heat resistivity and high melting point makes chromite and chromium(III) oxide a material for high temperature refractory applications. In these applications, the refractory materials are made from mixtures of chromite and magnesite.

  • Wood preservative

    Chromium salts are widely used for the preservation of wood. Different mixtures of chromium salts with other chemicals are used in timber treatment to protect wood from decay fungi, wood-attacking insects, including termites and marine borers.

  • Dye and pigment

    Chromium oxides are also used as a green pigment in glassmaking and as a glaze in ceramics. A very important chromate pigment, which was used widely in metal primer formulations, was zinc chromate.

Who we are

Since 1998 Mr. Kamal Jafarov (Founder and Managing Director of MidUral Chemicals SA) have been actively working on chrome chemical markets. He was involved in all aspects of product development and marketing. MidUral Chemicals SA team is very professional and dedicated to its mission.


In 2008, Malcolm Gladwell published his New York Times bestseller, Outliers. It’s within this book — based largely on the research of Anders Ericsson — that Gladwell frequently talks about the 10,000-Hour rule, citing it as “the magic number of greatness.” The book looks at a number of “outliers”, people who are extraordinarily proficient in certain subjects or skills. It then tries to break down what helped them to become outliers.

According to Gladwell, one common factor among these carefully selected individuals was the amount of time they practiced within their area of study or work. It appeared that only by reaching 10,000 hours (that’s about 90 minutes per day for 20 years) of practice could one become an outlier. To use another of Gladwell’s popular terms, 10,000 hours is the “Tipping-Point” of greatness.

We proud to spend almost two decades (that’s about 40,000 hours) with chrome and in love with this metal. Nevertheless, it is up to customers and the market to judge if we passed the “Tipping-Point”.

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The core values of the company which are loyalty, full openness and transparency with partners have always been carefully nurtured by Midural Chemicals team. Such approached has made it possible for MidUral Chemicals SA to gain full trust and support from some of well-known customers and the producers, which MidUral Chemicals SA now exclusively represents on various markets.

Our team

  • Kamal Jafarov

    Kamal Jafarov

    Founder and Managing Director

  • Oksana Florin

    Oksana Fanous

    Head of Logistics

  • Barbara Callisto

    Olena Jafarov

    PA of Managing Director

Our products

  • Sodium Dichromate Anhydrous

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    Chemical formula: Na2Cr2O7
    CAS No: 10588-01-9

    Industries and areas of application: It is used for production of next stage chrome chemicals, as oxidizing agent, in textile industry, in electroplating industry, in medicine production, in dye and drilling industry and etc.

  • Potassium Dichromate Anhydrous

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    Chemical formula: K2Cr2O7
    CAS No: 7778-50-9

    Industries and areas of application: It is used for production of chrome metal, in pigment industry, in glass packing production, in pyrotechnics, and etc.

  • Basic Chrome Sulphate

    Download product TDS

    (Dry Chrome Tanning Agent, Chromium(III) sulfate)
    Chemical formula: Cr2(SO4)n(OH)6-2n(n<3)
    CAS No: 12336-95-7

    Industries and areas of application: It is mainly used for leather tanning.

  • Chromic Acid (Chromium Trioxide)

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    Chemical formula: CrO3
    CAS No: 1333-82-0

    Industries and areas of application: It is mainly used in chrome plating and wood preservation industry.

  • Products derived from K3 Vitamin

    Download product TDS Download product TDS Download product TDS

    Industries and areas of application: Animal nutrition industry.

  • Extra Low Carbon Ferro Chrome

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    Industries and areas of application: The producers of steel and ferroalloys are the largest consumer of ferrochrome.

  • Chrome Metal

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    Chromium metal is of high value for its high corrosion resistance and hardness. Industries and areas of application: Superalloys and special steels, welding / hardfacing, electronics and others.

  • Fused Alumina

    Industries and areas of application: It is used for refractory applications where purity, chemical stability or high refractoriness is an issue to be considered.

  • Synthetic Tanning Agent

    Industries and areas of application: Leather tanning industry.

  • Ferro - Titanium

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    Ferro Titanium is stable in normal conditions, but it should not be exposed to water, acids or strong oxidizing or reducing agents.

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